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事件可以叫event:重大事件是important events,一件難忘的事是an unforgettable event,時事可叫current events;2018年發生的大事是events of the year 2018。行政長官說,去年香港有3件和「一國兩制」有關的大事(three major events relating to "one country two systems")。

一、The World Cup was the biggest sporting event in 2018.(2018年體壇大事,首推世界盃足球賽。)

二、The most important event in his life was his visit to Shanghai.(他一生中最重要的一件事,是他到了上海。)

三、He wrote about the day's events in his diary.(他在日記裏寫了當天的事。)


四、There have been strange happenings around here lately.(這附近最近發生了一些怪事。)

五、He filled us in on last evening's happenings.(他把昨晚發生的事告訴我們。)



六、One particular incident sticks in my mind.(有一件事我不會忘記。)

七、We just want to put that embarrassing incident behind us.(我們只想忘記了那件尷尬的事。)

八、Two people were shot yesterday in two separate incidents.(兩人在昨天兩件不同的事件中被槍擊。)


九、Aside from a few isolated incidents, the crowd was well-behaved.(除了幾宗個別事件,人群很守秩序。)

十、The demonstration passed off without incident.(示威平靜地結束了。)

上面兩句裏的incident,都有不愉快事件的意思。出了意外,官方常會解釋說,只是「個別事件」(an isolated incident)。還有「事故」也叫incident,如醫療事故(a medical incident)、邊境衝突(a border incident)。

表示發生的動詞除了happen,還有occur,名詞occurrence也是指發生的一件事:a common occurrence是一件經常會發生的事;an everyday occurrence是每天都發生的事;a rare occurrence是很少發生的事。

十一、The past year was filled with startling occurrences.(過去一年發生了許多令人驚訝的事。)

開頭說的event還有一個解釋,就是指一項活動,例如a fund-raising/social event(籌款╱社交活動);an annual event(一年一度的活動)。

十二、I have to move on to another event.(我要趕去另一個活動。)

表示活動的一個近義字是occasion:a great/memorable/happy occasion(重大的╱難忘的╱歡樂的活動或場合)。

十三、They marked the occasion with an open-air concert.(他們舉辦露天音樂會來慶祝那時刻。)

十四、He was presented with the watch on the occasion of his retirement.(他在退休時獲贈這手錶。)

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