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特朗普早前推行的「零容忍」移民政策(zero-tolerance immigration policy),連小朋友也要被扣留,引起了廣泛的批評。有些人形容這個政策是inhumane and cruel;inhumane和cruel兩個字的意思相近,都是指殘忍的、對其他人的痛苦無動於中的。

例如inhumane treatment of prisoners即不人道地、殘忍地對待囚犯;inhumane treatment of animals,對動物殘忍。又如:

一、He was living under inhumane conditions.(他過着非人生活。)

近義詞cruel,可以形容人,也可形容行為。例如a cruel tyrant(一個殘忍的暴君);cruel words(對人有意傷害的說話)。

二、I can't stand people who are cruel to animals.(我不能容忍虐待動物的人。)

近似字還有brutal和vicious,指殘忍中帶粗暴、暴力:brutal是殘暴的、野蠻的,例如a brutal attack是殘暴的攻擊,a brutal murder是一宗很兇殘的謀殺,a brutal beating是一場毒打。Vicious是指惡意的、刻毒的,亦有粗暴的意思;a vicious criminal是兇殘的罪犯。前面說的brutal attack也可說vicious attack。

三、The old lady suffered a vicious attack by a gang of youths.(老太太被一幫青年惡意襲擊。)

四、The brutal suppression of student protests only made the government more unpopular.(對學生抗議的粗暴鎮壓,令政府更失人心。)

另一個字harsh也可以解作殘酷的、無情的,與cruel近義,例如虐待囚犯也可以說harsh treatment of prisoners。

五、Do you think the punishment for the students was too harsh?(你覺得對學生的懲罰過苛嗎?)

六、The harsh treatment of slaves was very common in those days.(在那些日子,虐待奴隸十分常見。)

七、You'll have to face up to the harsh realities of life sooner or later.(你遲早要正視生活的嚴酷現實。)

冷酷無情的、沒有同情心的,又可叫callous,例如a callous killer是冷血殺手;callous disregard for human life,是冷酷地漠視生命;callous disregard for the feelings of others,對其他人的感受置諸不理、無動於中。

八、You must learn to take care of yourself in a cold and callous world.(你要學會在冷酷無情的世界裏照顧自己。)

九、The frequency of the punishment has made him callous to the disgrace and the pain.(被罰得多了,令他對恥辱和痛苦都麻木不仁。)


十、You would have to be heartless(或hard-hearted)not to be moved by the newsreels of the starving children in Africa.(看了非洲孩子捱餓的新聞片都不為所動,就太沒同情心了。)

Merciless和pitiless都是即毫不留情的,一點憐憫心也沒有的:a merciless/pitiless killer(冷血殺手);the merciless或pitiless heat of the sun(太陽的酷熱);cruel/harsh/merciless/pitiless weather conditions(極端惡劣的氣候)。

十一、He hated himself for the thought, but it haunted him with a merciless persistence.(那念頭毫不留情地纏着他,雖然他為此感到自責。)

十二、He saw the pitiless eyes of his enemy.(他看到敵人無情的目光。)

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